I have lived in Goring and Streatley for over 10 years, and the natural beauty of the surroundings lends itself so well to landscape photography. Here is a current listing of my prints available to order. Usually prints take 5-7 working days from order to delivery. Local delivery is free. If you have any questions please contact me via the contact link on the homepage.

Art paper 16″x11″ unmounted print of ‘As far as I can see’

This image was taken from the top of Lardon Chase looking across the Gap on a February morning.



Art paper 16″x9″ unmounted print of ‘Morning light’.

Looking across the fields in the Holies in Streatley, the mist often rises in this majestic way, lit by the winter sun coming up over the hill beyond.



Art paper 12″x12″ unmounted print of ‘Favoured Gate’.

This is one of my favourite gates up in the Holies woods in Streatley. It’s an early morning shot with the sun just rising, and the mist rising off the fields just beyond.


Art paper 16″x11″ unmounted print of ‘Winter reflections’.

I often walk my dog along the river side in Streatley. On this particular morning the sky was pink and the river incredibly still. A handful of birds happen to move across the sky as I took the shot, also reflected in the water below.


Art paper 16″x11″ unmounted print of “A walk through the bluebells”

These bluebells appear in the National Trust’s Holies woods every spring, with their distinctive blue and gorgeous aroma.



Art paper print 16″x11″ unmounted print of “Winter sunrise”

On the way out of Streatley where the road levels off after the hill, there are some stunning tree silhouettes to be seen in the winter months as the sun goes down.



Art paper 16″x11″ unmounted print of “Walking solo”

This was taken one winter morning from Lough Down. On a crisp morning the winter the skies are sometimes huge and blue – set against a frosty landscape and a wispy cloud scape it offers an uplifting view.




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